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Invoice Fields

Invoice Fields

The table below lists the fields of the Invoice form and provides utilization guidelines for each field.

Field Label Utilization Guideline

The Description field is used to enter a short description of what was acquired.


The Project field is set to the project for which the costs specified in the Amount field were incurred.


The Service field is automatically set to the service that is linked to the project.


The Supplier field is used to select the organization from which the invoice was received.

Invoice number

The Invoice number field is used to enter the invoice number that the supplier specified on the invoice.

PO number

The PO number field is used to enter the number of the purchase order that was sent to supplier.

Invoice date

The Invoice date field is used to specify the date on which the invoice was prepared by the supplier.

Unit price

The Unit price field is used to enter the amount that the supplier has charged per unit that was acquired.


The Quantity field is used to enter the number of units that were acquired.


The Amount field displays the product of the Unit price field value and the Quantity field value.

Capital expenditure

The Capital expenditure box is checked when the invoice amount is to be depreciated over time.


The Remarks field is used to add any additional information about the invoice that might prove useful.

This field allows basic text formatting.


The Attach file… link is used to attach a file to the invoice. Multiple attachments can be added to an invoice. The maximum file size of each attachment is 20 MB.